How to match each type of handbag to your look.?

How to match each type of handbag to your look.?


The handbag is an essential accessory in the wardrobe of any woman. They are essential on a daily basis to carry your belongings, but also to upgrade any look.

There are many models and designs of existing bags: small bags, large bags, bags with various and playful shapes, pouches, etc. With so many options available, the question may arise as to which is the best model for each occasion.

A leather handbag in the form of a satchel

Satchel bags are usually made of leather, rectangular in shape and structured. The model has double handles for the hand and in most cases also offers a long strap for use over the shoulder.

Because it is a more formal model, it is generally used in more formal looks , with classic pieces, such as tailored garments, clothes in more subdued colors or more discreet prints.

The pockets

The clutches are small and structured models. Most of the time it has no straps, but some models have long straps to wear over the shoulder.

Pouches can have many shapes, from classic rounded ones to fun and different ones.

This model is usually used at night, at parties, formal occasions, weddings, etc. It goes with any type of clothing: dresses, jumpsuits, sets, couture, among others.

Wallet/envelope bags

Wallet/envelope bags are very similar. Both come in a variety of sizes, small, medium, or large, and mostly don’t have a handle.

What differentiates the models are their formats: if the envelope model has a rectangular shape, the wallet model can vary in shape, square and rectangular being the most common.

Both are great for both day and night wear. They have a variety of styles and materials that make these models versatile.

The tote bag

Tote bags, called tote bags, are large bags, usually square or rectangular in shape. They have two straps , lots of interior space and often don’t have a zipper. They can be made in different materials and with different colors and prints.

The model is perfect to use during the day when you have to carry a lot of things. It is perfect for a more casual look and goes with all kinds of rooms as it is very versatile.

trunk bags

Trunk bags are a classic from the 60s and are still going strong. They are versatile, practical and at the same time elegant. They have a large interior space, which makes them perfect for everyday use. But they can also be worn at night on a more informal occasion.

Its biggest feature is its rounded shape and its two short handles. They are usually made of leather and in different colors and prints. Because it is a classic model, they are perfect to wear with more romantic, classic or more informal looks.

The shoulder bag

The shoulder bag is a classic and very versatile model, it is made in all sizes and in different formats, the most common being the rectangular one.

They usually have a thin strap, which can be used both over the shoulder and across the body, and are very handy when you only want to carry the essentials, as they don’t have a lot of interior space.