Everything you need to know about hair growth serum.?

Everything you need to know about hair growth serum.?


Many have hair that breaks and does not want to grow properly. And yet, these same people want to gain length in their hair. To remedy this, there are many products such as hair growth serum. We are going to talk here about what hair growth serum is, its benefits and how to use it.

The serum grows hair in definition

To better understand what hair growth serum is , you have to start by defining the substance of the subject. The serum is first of all a concentrate of benefits from different vegetable oils. It usually contains vitamins and fatty acids. Previously, hair serums contained silicones. But these components tend to clog the scales of the hair and prevent the care from penetrating the scalp. Over time then, natural serums are more prioritized.

Hair growth serums are the serums that will help a person grow their hair. It is a method used to gain length quickly and effectively. For example, we distinguish on the market the serum of Miss Antilles, an international brand. It is a super-activated multi-growth hair lotion. This serum is an intensive treatment to prevent hair loss, but also to stimulate, tone and cleanse the hair so that it grows. It consists of essential oils and proteins. It is one of the most used serums to guarantee hair growth.

The benefits with hair growth serum

There are many benefits that you can enjoy by using the hair growth guarantee serum. First, it is a product that ensures real hair growth. It avoids and prevents breakage and hair loss. This is due to the fact that the serum nourishes the hair follicle. The vitality of the hair will be there!

Secondly, it is a product that guarantees the beauty of the hair. When you put on hair growth serum, the hair will not only grow, but it will also look better. The hair will be shiny and soft. They will not present greasy effects once applied to the hair. They are even able to fight against dandruff. There are interesting active ingredients for hair health in general in this type of serum. It is therefore a care to have at home to keep the hair in top shape.

Finally, it is a product that is natural. It comes from natural sources. In this case, it presents a better quality. The serum is not going to have any adverse effects on the hair. It does not consist of harmful ingredients that may deteriorate the health of your hair, but also your health in general.

How to use hair growth serum

There are different kinds of serum on the market. Not every serum is used the same way. Before using the serum then, it is important to carefully read the instructions delivered with the product. For the miss antilles brand , for example, the cure with the serum lasts 2 months. This product is to be applied, to be massaged and not to be rinsed off.

It is possible to apply the serum to damp hair after shampooing and conditioning. Avoid applying it to the scalp. It is also possible to apply the serum to dry hair. The goal will be to sheathe, discipline or protect the hair in everyday life. You only need to put it on the lengths and ends. It is also possible to apply the hair growth serum to the scalp to promote care, soothe irritated scalp and promote hair growth .

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