Sneakerhead Culture: How Sneakers Became a Lifestyle?

Sneakerhead Culture: How Sneakers Became a Lifestyle?


With the increasing trends and demands, sneakers have gained popularity. Everyone loves wearing trendy and comfortable shoes, Sneakers have been the number one choice of people working in various domains. Do you love wearing sneakers? Do you have a variety of sneakers in your cupboard? Are you unfamiliar with the term “Sneakerhead culture”?

  • How will you define Sneakerhead?

The people who love wearing sneakers and collecting them are known as a sneakerhead.

  • What is sneakerhead culture?

Due to the love and demands of people for sneakers, the culture was developed in the late twentieth century. People loved wearing sneakers, buying sneakers, and promoting sneakerhead culture and the demand for sneakers increased due to their extensive use by athletes. Companies including NIKE and Adidas have promoted sneakerhead culture by introducing a variety of fashionable and comfortable sneakers to their customers. The sneakerhead culture is constantly emerging and evolving in the modern era due to the high demand for sneakers. Different brands worked on it to provide luxurious sneakers to their customers thus promoting the sneakerhead culture.

  • Role of Athletes and Celebrities in promoting sneakerhead culture

Chuck Taylor who was a basketball player promoted wearing sneakers and became the first one to introduce us to the sneakers trend. The NBA player Frazier was well known for his good fashion sense. He used to style himself by wearing PUMA Clyde sneakers which later became his signature style. This style inspired his fans and they started following his trend. Michael Jordan loved wearing sneakers and he always preferred Adidas as the best brand of shoes. In 1985, Michael Jordan’s Nike Air Force sneakers were launched which gained popularity and were in trend for a long period. Different musicians, actors, actresses, fashion models, and artists have played a vital role in promoting sneakerhead culture. Their fans followed them and started wearing sneakers thus helping in promoting the sneaker culture. Jay-z and Kayne West collaborated with many brands to promote the sneakerhead culture. You can get all sneakers at one place on Sun and sand sports,  and avail discount by using coupon code for sun and sand sports

  • How sneakers became a lifestyle?

In old age, we only saw men wearing sneakers as they were introduced to athletes only. Nowadays women equally participate in promoting sneakerhead culture due to their never-ending love for sneakers. Now sneakers are available from luxurious brands to local streets. Everyone can afford sneakers at a range of prices. It varies from several hundred dollars to a few dollars. They suit any kind of dress whether you are a man or a woman. Nowadays white sneakers are in demand and almost everyone has a pair of sneakers in his cupboard. It is because of their trend and demand in the market. The next step was to provide luxury and comfort to the people. Sneakers are highly comfortable shoes; how can you make them more comfortable?  Many popular brands including Gucci, Adidas, Nike, Maison Margiela, and Fendi have worked on the needs of their customers to provide luxurious and comfortable sneakers to them. They worked on bringing lightweight sneakers with a medicated sole design to the market to bring a higher-level sneaker to the market. Everyone loved wearing comfortable sneakers as they were comfortable and stylish. Sneakers became a need for every worker who had to run and struggle for long hours, for students who had to stay comfortable during the tiring hours of the day. Housewives picked sneakers and found them comfortable shoes to wear while going shopping or buying groceries for their meals. Tourists needed sneakers to explore and fully enjoy their beautiful destinations by staying comfortable for long hours. Athletes wanted sneakers to practice comfortably for long hours in their respective fields. Due to the increasing culture, sneakers were introduced in different colors and styles to bring variety to the customers. They were high in demand as they were comfortable and could easily go with any type of dressing. If you are wearing long frocks, you can go with sneakers. If you are wearing jeans, you can wear sneakers to enhance your look. Now it is trending to wear sneakers even on your wedding day to stay comfortable the whole day to bear the stress of photoshoots and the hustle of the day. Kids wear sneakers to stay comfortable while playing the whole day. Fashion models and celebrities wear sneakers to promote the sneakerhead culture. Brides are preferring wearing sneakers other than heels as they found it uncomfortable to wear for a long day event. Meeting the demands of the brides, now fancy and beaded sneakers are designed in the market which is in trend. People prefer comfort to style. What if you get both features in one? That’s why sneakers have become the number one choice for people. You can find a variety of colors, shapes, and designs of sneakers in the market as with the increasing trend, different ideas and styles have evolved.

  • Gender discrimination was prohibited in this culture

Sneakers were designed both for men and women. There are no differences in the designs of sneakers for both men and women. They can be worn by any individual thus discriminating against gender differences. In the early 1900s, both men and women started working equally in different domains. Women were recognized and gained popularity as female athletes and workers. Sneakers became the first choice for working women as well as for men. Now both men and women wear sneakers and show that no matter what they are equal and have the freedom to do whatever they want to do.

  • How this culture affects brand popularity

Due to this culture, popular brands are working as competitors to bring highly affordable, luxurious, and comfortable sneakers to the market. They offer various deals and discount offers to win the hearts of their customers as they are trendsetters. If they love wearing shoes, they will recommend the brand to others thus promoting the brand. Under Armour offers various deals and discounts on buying sneakers. You can get discounts by using Under Armour codes for the best deals.