What does a Viking necklace mean.?

What does a Viking necklace mean.?


The history of the Viking is fascinating, so we understand why you are so interested in it. Whether through Viking rings, bracelets or necklaces, this civilization is extraordinary and captivating. Indeed, to acquire a Viking necklace, it is essential to know the meaning of each Viking symbol. Find out what you need to know about the Vikings to make the right choice of Viking necklace.

A brief history of the Vikings

Since each symbol has its own meaning, we will therefore be able to assume that each of them had occupied an important place in Norse culture. The notion of spirituality is the basis of Viking culture, because Scandinavian culture makes no distinction between faith and reality.

If, for example, we talk about “Thor’s hammer”, it is sure that 90% of people have already seen it in the famous superhero films. However, the famous hammer of Thor was above all an ancient symbol that was used by the Nordic peoples to adorn their various jewels. Then each symbol was engraved on the jewelry and can be found on any Viking necklace .

The meaning of a Viking necklace

In our era, each symbol has therefore been taken over by another form. Having spent most of their era sailing, the Vikings were brave warriors who placed great importance on their symbols. The latter were considered powerful and special.

The Vikings adapted to all seasons and lands to fight a battle in order to feed an entire people. They were brave devotees who believed in fate. That is why, to renew their solidarity and regenerate their courage, they have designed different symbols. These symbols were then represented on jewelry including necklaces, clothing, swords, etc.

Some of the most well-known Viking symbols

Here are some of the most famous Viking symbols that could surely help you choose the pendant for your Viking necklace.

Thor’s Hammer: Thor was considered the god of lightning and thunder in Norse mythology. According to Viking belief, Thor possessed a hammer to control lightning and thunder. A weapon so powerful, the most powerful of those of the Gods which enabled them to defeat their enemies.

The Celtic knot: also called triquetra or trinity knot, this symbol is a sign of connection. A knot that evokes the cycle of life, from birth to rebirth. A cycle between life and death.

The Tree of Life: Also called “yggdrasil”, the tree of life was considered the tree of the world according to Norse mythology. This symbol is vital, because it is on it that all the Viking kingdoms rest.

The Vegvisir: The Viking people being travelers and fighters needed a guide to clear their way. This symbol allows its owner to never lose his way.