Waxing vs Shaving: Which Method is Right for You?

Waxing vs Shaving: Which Method is Right for You?


There are a lot of different methods when it comes to hair removal. While some people choose to use creams or laser treatments, the two most common methods are waxing and shaving. Both treatments have their advantages and disadvantages, so it depends on case to case which is the best option. Moreover, hair waxing for men also has many takers now. To help make the decision-making process easier, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both waxing and shaving.

The Benefits of Waxing

Waxing is considered a more long-term solution to hair removal as opposed to shaving. This is because it removes hair from the root rather than just cutting it off at the surface level like shaving does. As a result, waxed areas tend to stay smooth for much longer than shaved areas, with re-growth taking up to four weeks in some cases. Additionally, frequent waxing can actually cause your hair follicles to become finer over time. So if you’re looking for a long-term solution that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth for weeks on end, then waxing might be the better option for you. Many women prefer waxing as the facial hair removal method as the result is long lasting as compared to shaving where the hair starts growing back in a week’s time.

The Benefits of Shaving

Shaving is usually seen as being less painful than waxing since there’s no ripping involved. It also tends to be cheaper since all you need is a razor or electric shaver and some shaving cream or gel, which you probably already have lying around the house anyway. Additionally, shaved skin feels smoother immediately after treatment due to its exfoliating properties; however, this effect won’t last very long since the hairs will start growing back within days—sometimes even hours—of being cut off at the surface level.

Other hair removal methods

There are several hair removal methods that do not involve waxing or shaving, such as threading, sugaring and laser hair removal treatments. Threading is an ancient technique for removing facial hair with a cotton thread. This method requires some skill and can be quite painful, so it’s best to let a professional handle the job. Sugaring is similar to waxing in that it is used to remove hairs from larger areas of the body. The difference lies in the wax used: wax for sugaring is made from natural ingredients like water, sugar and lemon juice. Laser treatments have become increasingly popular for long-term hair reduction in different areas of the body. The treatment works by emitting laser energy which destroys the follicle responsible for producing each unwanted hair. At makeO skinnsi, laser hair reduction treatments are available at just Rs 2,300. This process is seamless and painless due to the advanced laser with ice cool technology that does not heat up your skin. You also get this treatment as an at-home service.

Ultimately, your choice between waxing and shaving should come down to personal preference as well as how much time you want your results to last before needing touch-ups. If you don’t mind having stubble regrowth within days then shaving might be right for you; however, if you want smoother skin without having to worry about re-growth until several weeks later then waxing could be a better option. Ultimately it all comes down to what works best for your budget and lifestyle!